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Asmeo, Analysis and Solutions, Mechanical Engineering Office SARL, is located in the Saôneor Area, which was until end of 2006 the French Kodak plant.

Alexandre Martenne, owner of Asmeo, has worked for 21 years in the Kodak Mechanical Engineering Office on worldwide projects: we are used to working with high technology industry requirements.

Alexandre Martenne is a 6 Sigma black belt certified by Kodak in January 2003. If you look at the logo, you can see a combination of the number 6 and the sigma sign, clearly placing quality at the heart of our business.

Asmeo is a mechanical engineering office focused on special machinery improvements. We use Solidworks Premium and Siemens NX as our 3D CAD systems. We analyze, define and optimize your process to obtain a machine that meets your specifications. With Solidworks CAE analysis programs, we check statics, kinematics and mechanics of materials, that helps us to reach the desired goal safer and more quickly. We also undertake sheet metal work, mould repairs, reverse engineering and 3D rendering.

On your way to reduce cost, we split design from machining and our service finishes once the drawing is delivered. Then, using theory and calculation, we can help you again in the debugging and setting stages. This allows you to truly compare machining proposals based on the same level of quality: our drawings. This principle makes the proposals more accurate, lowering your exposure to risk and therefore saving you time and money.

For our international customers, Asmeo can be a local expert using your technology, your closed vision of your own products on site. We can work together to improve your products or to adapt them to the needs of your French customers. We also work as an independent mechanical consultant for audit of machinery and processes.

Any project, any mechanical engineering requirement, just call!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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